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“These conditions apply to all contracts, supplies, and products offered by „Kohinoor GbR” Online Shop located at Sonnenstr. 10, 80331 München.

Contract Conclusion

The contract is formed when the customer accepts the order by Kohinoor GbR Online Shop, indicating their renouncement of receiving a notification of acceptance in accordance with § 151 S. 1 BGB.

Order Confirmation

Upon placing an order, customers will receive a confirmation via email.
• Order Rejection / Registration Termination
• “Kohinoor GbR ” online shop may reject orders if:
• The customer cannot be reached via telephone or email after order confirmation.
• There are outstanding balances from previous orders.
• Essential data (payment method, address, contact information, etc.) is missing.
• The user violates the terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activities with the system.
• Registration may be terminated by the company without liability if the user fails to comply with the terms and conditions or breaches this User Agreement, as determined at the company’s sole discretion.

Delivery Area

We provide delivery services within Europe.

Prices / Price Increases / Discounts
a) All displayed prices include applicable value-added tax. Packaging and shipping costs are additional.
b) Price increases are only possible with timely legal notice in case the conditions of the contract change between payment and fulfillment of the order.
c) Multiple discount vouchers, including purchased vouchers, cannot be redeemed in a single order. However, credit vouchers received for missing or damaged items can be used with any vouchers. For more information, please contact our customer support.
d) Please review the terms and conditions before purchasing any vouchers.
e) Ongoing promotional offers cannot be claimed after checkout.

Supply Scope
a) Insufficient Quantity / Unavailability

If the ordered item is not available in the required quantity or not available at all, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the customer’s money. In such cases, the customer will be promptly notified about the delay or cancellation.

Article Changes
During the delivery period, if there are changes in the composition, deformations, brand, or quality of the article due to technological improvements or legislative requirements, we may deliver a modified similar article as a suitable replacement.

Shipping Costs & Conditions:

a) For all orders delivered within the Federal Republic of Germany, there is a standard delivery charge of €5.
b) If an order is rejected by the customer or returned due to an incorrect address provided by the customer, the customer is responsible for the shipment charges, not Kohinoor GbR.
c) Kohinoor GbR takes no responsibility for damages to vegetables during transit. No refunds will be provided for spoiled vegetables during transit to countries outside of Germany. Please refer to the delivery note for unpacking instructions.
d) For the “Annual Sabji-Vegetable Subscription,” please refer to the provided link for the terms and conditions.
e) Kohinoor GbR takes no responsibility for damages to vegetables if the delivery attempt fails due to unavailability or late pick-up from the parcel shop.

Minimum Purchase Order Value
• There is no minimum purchase order value for standard shipments.
• Order Method
• Currently, orders can only be placed through the internet.
• Delivery Time
• If the item is in stock, the order will be fulfilled within 2 to 4 working days.
• Right of Revocation/Return

Support Policy

The customer has the right to return ordered items if they are not satisfied, or if the delivered article is defective, broken, or damaged. Kohinoor GbR will refund the cost of returned articles upon receiving them. If the customer wishes to exchange a damaged